We design brands for a new direction


N60 is a Helsinki based design studio specialising in helping brands navigate complexity and arrive at clarity.
We provide clients with a tailored treatment for their brand, working as collaborators to help navigate change and provide a new direction. We don’t consult, we help you build, and strongly believe in the power of producing with a strategic intent.


Our approach is to co-create a new brand direction with your team, and simultaneously work together to make it come to life.
We deliver a fresh, professional approach to each client project that results in a new direction for your brand and business. Whether it’s about creating, renewing, or extending a new brand, we’ve got you covered.

Visual Identity – Naming – Brand Strategy – Product Design – UI Design – Service Design – Web Design – Web Development – Web Hosting – Print – Spatial Design


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Jeremiah Tesolin

Jeremiah brings decades of client side design experience working with private, public and non-profit organisations to drive impact and innovation.

He’s a former Creative Director of Iittala, Brand Development Manager at Marimekko, and Art Director at Nokia.

Jeremiah’s work at N60 focuses on helping brands find their new direction.


Jonathan Barck

Jonathan is a full-spectrum designer, with a passion for holistic, user-centred design solutions.

He’s grasped multiple design skills stretching across years of industry experience, with a strong background in digital product design and software development.

Jonathan’s speciality at N60 focuses on crafting visual clarity.