What does a user-centered approach to branding look like? And what are the best methods to do this?


A test of a brand’s success comes when it evolves into products, such as digital product design. There’s often a gap in the moment when a brand rollout has been created, but the product experience is neglected or it results in a mismatch between what a person expects and the actual result.

An example of blending user-centered design with branding is Valosan, the media relationship management tool.

We worked as part of the client’s internal team which meant taking part in customer interviews, building the product design and the design system collaboratively.

The key highlight of the project was the design system. Once it was delivered, the internal team could quickly pick up how to use the components combined with the guidelines we created. Now the team is able to design and build completely on their own, due to the base work on the design system.

Valosan’s design system can be found here:

The core of our way of working is understanding how people perceive and interact with the brand and product simultaneously. Our design methods are based on a people-first approach, using collaborative techniques that make it easy for client team members to contribute to the project. Co-creation is how clients describe our way of working.